You may be wondering, as I certainly was before I started making soy candles, why all the hype about soy wax candles? After all, there are other more affordable options, all candles are the same and ultimately whichever type of candle you choose, it will end up vaporised, right? Wrong.

I did my research and it didn’t take long to discover that soy wax is superior to its alternatives in nearly every conceivable way, perhaps most importantly its health advantages over paraffin wax candles.

Not all soy wax is created equal though, which is a seldom appreciated fact leading to some misconceptions amongst candle customers.

The soy wax I use for Candelish candles and melts is the highest quality I can find and I am very excited to say that I have now managed to get my hands on what is being touted by its manufacturer as the best soy wax in the world, full stop. I have trialled this premium wax and I am simply amazed at its quality, both in terms of enhancing the throw (the ability for the candle’s fragrance to reach distances) and also the look of the candle.

Have you ever noticed how soy candles often have what looks like frost on the surfaces? The presence of ‘frosting’ is a method used by many to identify what is a true soy candle, versus soy and paraffin blends or simply just paraffin masquerading as soy. Rest assured, Candelish candles and melts are 100% soy wax, but in the majority of our candles, given the high quality of soy wax coupled with a technique I have been developing during the preparation and pouring process, frost has been nearly eliminated even though the candles are made of soy wax. Our candles and melts do still have frosting, on occasion, but you can simply take this as further evidence of their authenticity.

Aside from the look of our candles and melts, the smell is obviously the most important factor. Scented candles can be assessed by considering both their cold throw and hot throw, meaning how far the aroma travels away from the candle when it is at room temperature (eg when you take the lid off to smell one) and when it is alight. Have you ever smelled a candle in a shop and when you light it up at home become disappointed that it doesn’t smell the same or as intensely as you would like? This simply means that in all likelihood the candle maker hasn’t included sufficient (or has included too much) fragrance.

I have experimented over countless hours with many, many (many) candles to add just the right amount of fragrance to maximise the cold and hot throws whilst not being overpowering. The goal of Candelish is to activate the taste buds after all and our customers typically don’t want to eat a strong cologne or air freshener. I hope to have created aromas to accompany a classy dinner party or event. Candelish candles are like the smell of a freshly baked Italian pizza versus the smell of a frozen pizza from the supermarket after it comes out of the microwave.

Wherever possible, we also aim to hand-pour your candles after we receive your order to avoid our candles having to spend time sitting in a warehouse and therefore to maximise freshness.

If you have any questions about how our candles are made or what the ingredients are please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to let you know unless I would need to give away our carefully guarded secret recipes of course.