About Me

Welcome to Candelish! My name is Inna and I created Candelish for one reason, but before I tell you what that reason is let me tell you a bit about myself.

I grew up in Europe in the ancient city of Sofia where it’s -20 degrees in Winter and 35 degrees in summer and the buildings aren’t only hundreds of years old, but thousands. Sofia is a city of culture and history and growing up there taught me to appreciate beautiful things.

The defining feature of my original home though is not its buildings or history, in my opinion, but the food. Like so many other cultures, food is what binds us together and food is the star of every social occasion, of which there are many.

Whenever I smell the food of my homeland, I am immediately drawn back there to the Christmas holidays in snow several feet deep and the Summer festivals dripping in the aromas of freshly cooked food and blooming flowers.

It is well known that without smell your ability to taste suffers. It is the scent of food that brings food to life. If you don’t believe me, try eating your favourite meal when you have a blocked nose and see how much you enjoy it.

The one reason I began learning the art of candle making and thereafter founded Candelish is that I wanted to be able to summon my favourite emotional memories through smell in an instant, on demand. It was the food, after all, that was the common denominator in nearly every memorable event of my early life. There are studies proving that the sense of smell activates certain areas of the brain that the other senses cannot and it does so instantly. This is why a smell will bring tears to your eyes or a smile to your face before you even realise what you’re smelling.

About Candelish

The aromas of Candelish are based on delicious foods and drinks that have been extensively tested. The fragrances are infused into quality soy wax, which I hand-pour into candle jars and moulds I have carefully chosen.

To complement the mouth-watering aromas in the soy wax, I have selected jars that ought to look the part nearly anywhere. They are all classy and luxurious and at home in weddings, dinner parties or just about any other setting. Trust me when I say I have invested countless days and many dollars developing Candelish candles and melts to the point where I believe they are ready for you to enjoy.

Like with any craft, my candle making will always be developing and I believe that in order to strive for perfection I need to hear your feedback, so please don’t be shy about letting me know your thoughts.

- Inna