Posted on by Inna Hall

It occurred to me last night, when I was taking photos of some candles for our websites that I have not been giving enough attention to the important role that candles play for our eyes in terms of the amazing way they can look. Of course the jar & aroma maketh the candle but what about the light source itself – the fire?

Think about it… when you light a candle, you’re actually igniting a mysterious being that is neither alive nor dead and is responsible for humanity crawling out of caves and now living in space. If it’s dark enough, that light will be casting all sorts of moving shadows and patterns all over the room and that light show will never be repeated ever again. That’s a gift for your visual faculties and something that simply cannot be replicated by technology. In fact, watching the performance of a candle is a welcome relief from technology overload.

The candle light is also converting a mixture that has been lovingly hand-poured into a fragrance that will activate yet more parts of your brain. Candles really are amazing, when you actually turn your mind to what they are doing for us. Perhaps that’s why they’re found in dazzling arrangements in places of worship from just about every culture in the world and form the focal point of meditation and prayer.

Consider the power of fire and what it means to us as a species. Camp fires, fireplaces, fire powered electrical stations, combustion engines and of course the destructive power that fire can unleash.

Maybe holding this power in the palm of our hands at candlelight vigils awakens ancient aspects of our human condition and maybe this is why there are still candles in abundance despite there being no actual practical need for them.

Perhaps when our loyal customers say “I’m just crazy about candles!” or words to that effect, they are announcing that they have already realised what power can be released by a little ball of soy wax set on fire.