Posted on by Inna Hall

When I think back to my childhood, the first thing that comes to mind (every time) is a smell. It isn't always the same aroma but there aren't many either. For me, the smell is of a special sweet flavoured bread that we make every Christmas eve where I grew up in Europe. The smell takes me back there to the point that I have to bring my mind back to the present, such is the power of smell-induced-memory. 

My husband remembers the smell of Eucalyptus leaves as each year his family would cut down a small gum tree sapling to put up as the Christmas tree. My Christmas was freezing in piles of snow, his was sweltering with a summer storm in the afternoon, but smell takes us both back there and gives us pause to think about what memories our own children will have when they have grown up. 

Possibly our children will remember Christmas as the smell of hundreds of soy candles and melts being made in our house!

This year I have chosen to focus the Candelish Christmas Collection aromas on a select few scents that mean something to me. I haven't tried to include every possible Christmas aroma, so hopefully these few appeal to you. I have also honoured the original Christmas tradition by including frankincense and myrrh and the soy-wax is hand-poured into jars that would truly be appropriate gifts for a king (have a look and give me your honest feedback on that if you have a moment).

I know that Christmas is still weeks away, but to avoid last minute logistical chaos we have launched our range now to allow time to ensure your orders are fulfilled far earlier than at the last minute. If you can make it, please come along to the Springfield Markets on 1 December 2017 where you can see, touch and smell the candles first hand and if you fall in love you can take some home. We will also be presenting some hand-made candles from a European artist who has entrusted her creations to us to showcase, so we are looking forward to sharing these too.